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How to start a bCPAP program in your neonatal ICU?

How to start a bCPAP program in your neonatal ICU?

We earlier discussed step 1 where we introduced the concept of how well-coordinated team members can replicate the successful experience of mastering the use of bubble CPAP by following similar steps to those used in implementing quality improvement such as: 
  1. Establish a multidisciplinary team and invest in their education of the intervention and its impact. 
  2. Know the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT of bubble CPAP
  3. Set a clear plan of implementation and create visuals of each milestone. 
  4. Prepare for gradual and monitored launching.
  5. Assure quality through monitoring, feedback and reeducation.
Here we discuss Step 2: Education Education of the implementing team on bubble CPAP (the why, how, and what) is the most important step for a successful bCPAP program. Proper orientation and familiarity of bCPAP leads to early success of the program and improved outcomes compared to prior entrenched methods. The visualization of positive change in the unit leads to change in the team’s attitude. The “WHY?” The team needs to become aware of the benefits of bubble CPAP as a unique non-invasive respiratory tool that improves outcomes. Neonatal ICUs that primarily use bubble CPAP in the management of preterm infants have been shown to have less chronic lung disease. The team needs to understand the conceptual foundation behind it and how it compares to other non-invasive and invasive respiratory interventions (See educational modules The “HOW?” It is crucial for the team to have a thorough understanding of bubble CPAP and its effects on lung mechanics in the preterm infants, full term infants or older children. This is an essential step to appreciate the indications and contraindications of bubble CPAP; when to consider starting infants on bubble CPAP; how to escalate your intervention using other non-invasive strategies or when to intubate these infants and put them on mechanical ventilation; how to wean from mechanical ventilation to bubble CPAP and when and how to wean off bubble CPAP to room air (See educational modules The” What?”, To be continued… Learn more about Bubble CPAP implementation at Subscribe to our newsletterYouTube channel, and follow our LinkedIn page to receive regular updates.

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The Bubble CPAP Institute is an interactive educational platform aiming to make the knowledge and skill set of Bubble CPAP accessible to practitioners who care for neonates and young infants across the globe. This platform will primarily focus on the know-how and will offer educational modules on issues like when to consider bCPAP in managing infants with respiratory distress, how to assemble the bCPAP circuits, how to apply the nasal interface and how to troubleshoot bedside issues.

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