Bubble CPAP Institute: An Interactive & Educational Platform for bCPAP practitioners

Leading the way to reduce chronic lung disease in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome.
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Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (bCPAP) is a non-invasive respiratory intervention that is associated with the least damage to the developing premature lung, the least incidence of chronic lung disease and the best long-term pulmonary outcomes among preterm infants.

The Bubble CPAP Institute presents a platform that explains how bCPAP may play a pivotal role in improving outcomes in preterm and young infants with respiratory compromise by providing interactive educational modules that discuss topics ranging from lung mechanics to bedside troubleshooting.

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It is estimated that

of newborns are delivered prematurely (~300,000 live birth/year)
of newborns are born under 1500g (~5,000 live birth/year)
of newborns with birth weight <1500g develop chronic lung disease (~11,000 every year)
< 10%
of newborns <1500g developed chronic lung disease in centers who adopted bCPAP

How can the Bubble CPAP Institute help you?

The Bubble CPAP institute offers an interactive educational environment and virtual hands-on experience to units who use bubble CPAP. Healthcare providers can find educational modules that fit their learning style (written chapters, audio presentation, and demonstration videos).

Neonatal ICU managers and quality personnel can find sample policies, procedures, order-sets, bed-side checklists, compliance monitoring tools and educational plans.

Families can find resources on bCPAP, how it helps their child(ren), how it is different from other respiratory interventions, and what to expect when their infant(s) is on bCPAP regarding breast feeding, kangaroo care, and discharge planning expectations.

Healthcare providers in low resources settings may find alternative tools to different parts of the bCPAP circuits that may work better in their environment. Bubble CPAP Institute will share success stories of units using bCPAP to treat conditions peculiar to such environments.

Educational materials:
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The Bubble CPAP Institute is an interactive educational platform aiming to make the knowledge and skill set of Bubble CPAP accessible to practitioners who care for neonates and young infants across the globe. This platform will primarily focus on the know-how and will offer educational modules on issues like when to consider bCPAP in managing infants with respiratory distress, how to assemble the bCPAP circuits, how to apply the nasal interface and how to troubleshoot bedside issues.
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